Children and Trauma

Are you concerned about your child and don’t know how to help them through a stressful/traumatic event(s) in their lives?  Do you feel helpless, and worried about your child? 

How can therapy help?

The goal of therapy is to help children who are experiencing stressful/traumatic events in their lives, helping them understand their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, so they can begin their healing journey.  And giving their family resources on how to support them through their journey. 

My therapy style is to offer compassion, creativity, humor, approachability, and authenticity. I consider myself to be open-minded, accepting, and curious. I treat caregivers as I would want to be treated and children with the highest level of respect.  I offer Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) to children ages 3-18. 

What is TF-CBT?  It is a structured therapy designed to help children and families manage feelings, talk about the trauma and develop plans for feeling safe in the future. 

TF-CBT has been shown to significantly decrease short-term and long-term negative effects of trauma.  Components of the program are:

Education about trauma and its effects

Parenting strategies to address common behavior problems

Work on identifying and managing feelings

Work on changing the thoughts around the trauma that tend to postpone healing

Helping the child and family talk about the events (“Telling the story”)

Planning for future safety and success

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