Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from clients. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please contact me and I will be happy to help.


Do you take insurance?

 I do NOT accept health insurance as a form of payment at this time.

Health insurance companies often dictate the type, length and number of sessions clients are able to access and prevent me from ensuring therapy meets the needs of the client first and foremost. 

 I have intentionally chosen NOT to be paneled with insurance providers so that I am able to focus on mental health and client experience over billing codes and the profit margins of corporations.

I am able to provide you what is called a SuperBill that you may turn in to your insurance company for POSSIBLE reimbursement, not all insurance companies provide reimbursement, so make sure to call your provider first to see if this is an option.  This requires a diagnostic code to be assigned which can become a part of your medical record. 

How much does it cost?


  • Diagnostic Assessment (ages 6 and up): $200
  • DC:0-5 Diagnostic Assessment (3 separate appointments): This rate varies due to observation site locations 
  • 60 Minute Individual/family/couple therapy session: $150
  • 45 Minute Individual/family/couple therapy session: $130
  • 30 Minute Individual/family/couple therapy session: $110
  • Cancellation Fee: $75                                                       Your therapist requires a 24 hour cancellation fee

 Sliding Scale: Blue Wolf therapy offers a limited number of sliding scale spots. Please contact us if finances are limiting your ability to start your therapeutic journey. We believe that access to affordable mental health care is important!

Payment is due at time of service.  We accept most major credit cards, Health Savings Account (HSA). Payment is received over the secure platform Stripe.

Where are you located?

At this time Blue Wolf Therapy is only offering Telehealth sessions  over our online HIPAA secure video telehealth platform.


I will need an email address to send paperwork, which is the informed consent, demographics, payment as well as an intake questionnaire for you to fill out online. When our sessions are scheduled you will receive a reminder at least 24 hours before our session starts. Then at the start time of our session, you will be able to click on the link to begin.


Hours and Availability by Appointment

Do you work with people outside of your specialty?

While we do have experience in working with individuals 0-100, Blue Wolf Therapy is primarily focused on children (3-18) who have experienced trauma, and working with couples who are struggling with relational issues.  

What will the first visit be like for children and families engaging in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

The first meeting is typically what we call an “Intake Session”. We go over paperwork, a diagnostic assessment is conducted, and information is gathered on how to best serve your child while answering any questions or concerns you might have. The diagnostic assessment helps us to formulate a diagnosis (if appropriate). The following session is typically a “Treatment Planning” session. We create therapeutic goals for your child based on their diagnosis and current symptoms. After that, sessions are usually 45-60 minutes 1x a week (sometimes more frequently, sometimes less frequently). Blue Wolf Therapy believes the best therapeutic outcomes require frequent involvement of caregivers. Usually TF-CBT therapy requires between 16-28 sessions. 

What will the first visit be like for couples engaging in therapy?

 The first meeting is typically what we call an “Intake session.” We will go over paperwork, a diagnostic assessment is conducted, and information is gathered on how best to serve your needs, and answer any questions or concerns you might have.  The following session is typically a “Treatment Planning” session.  We will create goals you want to work on as a couple.  After that, sessions are usually 45-60 minutes once a week (sometimes more frequently, sometimes less frequently.  Blue Wolf therapy believes the best therapeutic outcomes require both partners to be present in therapy.  

How will I know if you are the right therapist for me?

You will hopefully feel comfortable and secure with me. However, part of being in the helping profession is helping clients find what might be a better fit for their mental health needs. Just like every doctor is not the right fit for every patient, not every therapist will feel like the right fit for you and/or child. Referrals for other therapists is an acceptable request and will always be honored. We want you to like your therapist-it helps the process! Also, please know that if at any point during treatment we believe there is a better fit for you, and/or child, we will inform you and encourage you to follow-through with provided referrals.

If you are happy with your current therapist but are wanting to take a break from therapy, that is something that can be discussed and decided with your therapist.

Why only serving Minnesota?

As a professional, I can only see clients within the states that I am licensed, which means I am well aware of the laws, ethics and resources for these states.

How Do I Get Started?


Free 15 Minute Chat

It’s a free 15 minute online session or phone call where you get to meet me. For online sessions, a link will be sent to your email. It can feel uneasy trying to figure out who to do therapy with, I want this to be the best experience for you.


Telehealth only in the State of Minnesota


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